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2 definitions by greekgeek

Litsa, in Greek means the right hand of God. Litsas are bubbly, social butterflies, beautiful, courageous, popular, trustworthy, and make the best of friends.
Litsa originates from the name Evangilia
by GreekGeek November 28, 2013
A fraternity comprised of mostly faux-elitist queens that tend to rope in a few decent recruits under the guise of being "gentlemanly".

If you don't go to an Ivy League school, but would like to pretend you do, pledge theta chi. They are the only fraternity that will take you seriously in that sweater vest.
Theta Chi: "You see how I didn't take advantage of that slovenly drunk girl last night? Only a true gentleman would do such a thing."

Normal Guy: "You're not a gentleman, you're a closet case."
by greekgeek March 17, 2009