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3 definitions by gravisan

Contrary to popular belief Bubble Butts are ~not~ big asses. Bubble Butts are round like a globe, usually complement a slender/slim body, they are very tight and firm unlike the one's on fat asses...
she is skinny but - dam - she has a bubble-li-cious bubble butt ass.
by gravisan January 02, 2006
2732 646
the one jesus hates for hogging the spot light during christmas time
"mommy, why do they call santa time, christmas, shouldn't it be santamas ?"
by gravisan November 17, 2006
121 88
a deserted place in the middle of nowhere, made popular by the 'fast show' ... it's probably like any other island in the middle of no where but at any rate, the fast show is a pioneering sketch comedy show!

brother: "me and my sister have lived there all our lives"
sister: "all our lives"
brother: "yesh"
brother: "yesh"
sister: "its the diviance you see"
sister: "did you tell him about the deviance ?"
brother: "yesh"
come to the isle of man
by gravisan July 24, 2006
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