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A very weird pop singer. Everyone praises her for being "unique" and "original", but in reality she is an oversexualized attention-seeker.

She copies musicians like Madonna and September. Even though her voice is OK she ruins all her songs with computerized sounds.

Her music videos are scary as hell and should not be watched alone in the dark.

Overall she is a bad Influence to many teenage girls because she uses sex appeal to get money and attention. She is also bisexual, big surprise.
Lady Gaga: We got a redlight, Pornographic dance fight

Person: No, thanks
by Grasshoppa September 04, 2010
someone who doesn't have any depth to them. this word is overused by people who don't get to know anybody but instead call them shallow. if you find someone who is a true shallow person they are a pain in the ass. there are many kinds of shallow people:

1. Followers- followers don't exhibit any personality or opinion at all, they just tag along with whoever they think is popular so they won't get laughed at for being themselves.

2. Groupies - groupies are usually teenage girls who travel in a large group and tell each other "I LUV YOU OMG" but dont really mean it because theyll probably hate them after they get into a little fight. groupies are the best at faking emotions and acting stupid because they think its cute.

3. Dicks- dicks are guys who spend all day long judging girls, saying if they'd tap that or not. they are always horny and dont know how to maintain a real relationship with a girl.

4. Posers- posers dont have any individuality so they try to be like everyone else. Posers are usually cocky and self absorbed and have no social skills, so you will usually find them copying your hairstyle or telling people your jokes. They are similar to followers but are just way more outspoken and annoying. Inside they just have no self-esteem and need to learn to get a life of their own.
1. Follower:

normal person: whats up? hows life?
Follower: ....fine...
normal person: whats you're favorite color?
Follower: ... i don't know..
normal person: how can you not know what your favorite color is?
Follower: ... i was afraid you would get offended...

2. Groupie:

groupie 1: aww youre my mostest bestest friend 4EVER!!!!
groupie 2: thanks! *giggle* I Luv you too!!!!
groupie 1: oh can i get your phone number so i can txt u??
groupie 2: Eww psycho stalker NO WAY i hate u!!! go away!!!

3. Dick:

Normal person: hows it going with you and stacey?
Dick: she got fat and has acne, i dumped her
Normal person: wait i thought she called you every day saying how much she loved you??
Dick: ....whatever....
normal person: dude how can you be so shallow?

4. Poser

Poser: obama sucks!! i hate him!!
Normal Person: what are you talking about obama has done more for this country than you!!
Poser: ok. Obama is WIN!
by grasshoppa December 31, 2009
Some canadian 16 year old that got popular from youtube videos. Teenage girls seem to love him, but usually because of his looks, not music.

One notable feature is that he sounds like he hasn't hit puberty yet. People like to critisize him for this.

Teenage girls of course get EXTREMLY offended by this and say they are just jealous. But, why would they be jealous of an unoriginal guy singer who sounds like a girl, and only gets psycho, rabid, and shallow girls anyway?

He is very unoriginal - read any of his song lyrics and they are made so a 4 year old can understand them.

Listen to any of his songs - and you will hear his annoying little voice piercing through your ears.

One of the most annoying things is that he got a record deal with Usher, and is basically living off that. Now Bieber thinks he can be a Black rapper - really?

He is unintellegent (because he doesn't need to be smart for the general teen girl population who listen to him), in an interview he didn't know what "German" was.

He is pretty much a cocky douchebag because of his status (which really isn't much to brag about, he's living a lie), but he's only going to last for about another year until he hits puberty.

Wait.... maybe he got neutered as part of the deal. Nevermind then.

Person: Why would I want crazy psycho fans like you?
by Grasshoppa September 04, 2010

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