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A recently-founded classical liberal arts college where ex-home schoolers comprise over half of the student body.

Having grown up reading latin, Greek mythology, and the Bible with their 12 brothers and sisters, many students react to their newfound freedom by studying 60 hours a week and heckling anybody who scores below a 175 on the LSAT.

Patrick Henry College is also one of the only schools in the nation with a full parking lot on Friday nights and an empty one Sunday mornings. Rather than dividing themselves into groups of jocks, nerds, and the like, students recognize that they are all nerds and create pecking orders based upon competing epistemologies, opinions on different church fathers, and swing dancing ability.

Fringe groups of cool kids, most of whom went to public and private schools, labor in vain to create an improved public image for their school but generally divert their efforts towards dodging school rules, perfecting their social skills, scoring boss jobs, or getting into cool schools (meaning top 10 in law/IR/economics/philosophy/theology).

The school where the kids from the Little Giants went to play soccer and basketball after they lost their luck and The Annexation of Peurto Rico was forbidden (the worst collegiate athletics program ever maintained).
"I was runner-up in the high school moot court championships so Patrick Henry College accepted the winner and I had to go to Cedarville.

"Did the men's Patrick Henry College soccer team lose the game?" (*you lost the game*) "yeah but only by 11 points and they almost scored once." "Ah that sucks. High school teams around that area are good."
by grandmustardtiger September 18, 2011

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