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2 definitions by grand

1. a term that was once used to describe a three-foot midget who happened to take Thursday ballet class. thankfully, that term is no longer in use.

2. extremely nice jewelery
1. Did you see that bling bling that walked out of Hawkins Dance Studio?

more realisticly:
2. Yo, did see his pinky bling bling? DAMMMMMMMNNN
by grand June 23, 2005
12 18
A magazine aimed at the sophistcate hipsters, the posh anti-socials and the artsie farts of the city. Self described as "The International reference for fashion, beauty, photography, luxury advertising, graphic design, production and events." the magazine is blissfully aware of the irony they represent by condensing the world of alternative culture into one magazine (although it is quite thick.)
Sweet! I just got my new issue of blackbook, the Arts Issue, with profiles on up and coming artists, a photoshoot spread of a preggers Maggie Gyllenhaal, and so much more!
by grand November 20, 2006
5 46