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A female born in the San Fernando Valley (part of Los Angeles County). Made famous through a movie staring Nicholas Cage entitled "Valley Girl". Stereotypes include excess use of words such as "like, duh, tubular, rad, awesome, totally, and oh my god", being white and rich, fasion icons, ditzy, stupid, blonde, or beach going freaks.

A Valley Girl is a Valley Girl only because of the location she was born. In The Valley.

P.S. Brittney Spears was born in Louisiana. She is not a Valley Girl by any means.

Hi, I'm originally from L.A.! I'm a Valley Girl by no fault of my own!
by grace1129 June 23, 2006
Half Mexican, half Armenian.
She's got an Armenian mom and a Mexican dad. She's Meximenian!
by grace1129 June 24, 2006



Men's room.

Ladie's room.

Potty break.

The Jon.

Station 5 is a polite code meaning: To use the toilet.
I gotta hit Station 5
by grace1129 June 23, 2006
A Canadian childresn's treat. A hollow chocolate egg with a toy inside.
It's like an Easter egg, but with a chocolate shell instead of plastic! A Kinderegg!
by grace1129 June 23, 2006

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