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3 definitions by govnah

one's poncho liner, curled up with when sleeping in the field. Used across the US Army.
1)I'm packin' light but I got room for my woobie.

2) It was cold in the field this time but my woobie kept me half-assed warm.
by govnah July 10, 2004
214 100
A CH-47 Chinook helicopter Crewmember. Known for getting everything under the sun done using the mighty cargo hook and living as good as possible when deployed because the chinnok doubles as a hotel. This special breed of army aviator is more comfortable in sandals and hawaiian shirts than combat boots and a "high and tight" and has a great respect for the mighty wind.
The hookers blew over our mexican space shuttles again, now I can't crap on a seat!
by govnah July 10, 2004
85 72
military acronym for FAmily of SCAtterable Ninjas, not related to the scuba ninja.
A bomb that explodes in the air releasing deadly ninjas across the area of impact. undefeatable
The enemy was thwarted after we dropped a MOAB and some FASCAN on the poor bastards
by govnah January 12, 2005
3 1