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A Province within the Dominion of Canada. It was created by an Act of the Parliament of Canada in 1905, also the time that Saskatchewan was created. The land was assembled from areas that were not part of British Columbia (created in 1871) or taken from native people by the United States through force of arms. The Eastern boundary with Saskatchewan was an arbitrary line of longitude established to exclude the use of daylight saving time. The northern portion of Alberta was transferred to the province by Ottawa, having formerly been part of the North West Territories where it was being wasted by native people who wished to hunt and live on their land. In modern times all other citizens are expected to pay homage to Albertans who found themselves parked on top of the world's largest deposits of fossil fuels. The resulting wealth is said to derive from the superior conservative political philosophy of the residents rather than millions of years of geological activity. followed by a bequest of a young and growing nation.
"Let the Eastern bastards freeze in the dark.", said Alberta.
by gotoveralbertaseveraltimes December 21, 2011

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