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to be the illest mofo that most mofos knows. see 'shamsway'
Look at how many girls that mofo has. Damn he is so frankforty.
by gotohell May 28, 2003
A short douchebag, typically of a rich upbringing. He likes to show off his money and thinks he is smarter than everyone else. Disrespectful and hateful, this person hates all people who question him, his money, his brain, or his looks. He is ugly, and is always stroking his hair. School is the least of his priorities, because when he gets out of it, he will take over the family business of insurance fraud.
Person 1: OMG! Did you see that ugly rich kid?!
Person 2: Yeah! He was so short, and he thought he was hot stuff!
Person 1: He was also correcting everyone whenever they said something, even if they made no mistakes!
Person 2: What a douche!
Person 1: Yeah! Totally!
Both People: What a Lawrence Dehko!
by GoToHeLl October 24, 2014
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