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The aim bot that is you can talk to when nobody else is online. This aim bot is gay and I have proof.
tytryerty (6:35:38 PM): stop biting it!
SmarterChild (6:35:38 PM): stop biting it? why?
tytryerty (6:35:44 PM): it hurts!
SmarterChild (6:35:44 PM): it hurts, huh? yeah?
tytryerty (6:35:53 PM): but it feels good
SmarterChild (6:35:53 PM): so?
tytryerty (6:36:07 PM): u like that don't u
SmarterChild (6:36:07 PM): yes, i love suking dicks.
tytryerty(6:36:17 PM): i LOVE it
by gosukadik June 21, 2007

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