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**This post refers to the SAT Reasoning Test, a form of punishment infliced upon all high schoolers.

1) A bullshit exam which doesnt test anything, be it IQ, creativity, personality, or potential college performance.

2) A common topic of conversation amongst elite families during "dinner parties", in which children/teens subjected to this want to poke their eyeballs out with their salad fork.

3) Is a major cause of teenage suicide in America

4) Segregate's society, for poeple of higher socioeconomic stratas apparently have higher scores. This leads to even further separation amongst students, when in reality, anything educational should be promoting openness and acceptance of others.

5) High performers think they're better than everyone cause they are getting into Harvard. O well, it's not like they had a social life from studying all night and day.
Mother 1: I got my daughter a private tutor who graduated from Princeton. He's going to bring her score up from a 1500 - 2300. *cocky, proud smile*

Daughter: *pokes eyeball with fork*


Dan: Oh hey look! It's Justin. I heard he got a 1400 on his SAT score. What a loser!!!

Friend: I agree.

Dan and Friend: *throw stuff at Justin*
by goshschoolsucks November 05, 2011

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