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A film with a storyline who’s only purpose is to facilitate the 'action'. Similar to porn where a story is only in place to give a reason for why the two (or more) people have been brought together to indulge in sex.

In general action porn revolves around a protagonist who uses a combination of insane firepower, kung fu, free-running, massive explosions, stunts and his own awesomeness in order to save the world in the most gratuitous way possible.

One of the best and most literal examples of action porn is the film “Shoot ‘Em Up” in which Clive Owen continues to have sex with his love interest whilst taking out a room of armed men.

Other major action porn tiles include Born to fight, District 13 and Ong Bak.
A says: How did he stop a nuke with his bare hands?
B says: You can't ask questions like that for a film like this. Its action porn it is not supposed to make sense it is supposed to be awesome.
by gormanator5 May 31, 2009
Abbreviation of the phrase 'Wild Juice Case'. Which is a drunken mispronunciation of the phrase 'Wild Goose Chase'.

The term was originally coined as a drunken slur used to describe a car journey home from the pub which according to an inebriated passenger included unnecessary detours.

The term is now used to describe any pre-longed car journey after a drinking session where the driver and/or other passengers are sober so that they can continue to be entertained by members of the group who are intoxicated after having left the pub.
“Lets go on a wild juice case!” (Meaning: “Lets go on a wild goose case!”)
by Gormanator5 July 09, 2009

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