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1 definition by gorillamike

A Latter-Day Saint (Mormon or LDS) who's also a Ninja, standing for Latter-Day Ninja. They're the only Ninjas that swore not to kill anybody, and they use replacement weapons; Like instead of Ninja Stars they'll use a Pass-Along-Card, instead of using nunchucks they'll have the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Joseph, and instead of a bow staff they'll use the Iron Rod.
Those LDN are the only Ninjas that made an oath not to kill anybody, and when they jump at you out of a tree with a karate chop, they'll ask you a question afterwards like "I could have killed you right there, but I didn't. Do you know where you are going after you do?" and totally make you question the purpose of life.
by gorillamike November 18, 2010