1 definition by goregeous

The best way to describe Baltimore would be divided. The rich have the inner harbor and the areas surrounding it, and the poor have everything else. White kids from the wealthy areas love claiming Baltimore as they think it gives them street cred.
The city is full of crime. if you disagree you do not live here.
The state government is run by giving power to people who should not have it (welfare queens and crack heads) and charging the rich white people for the useless social programs and over funded, under performing public schools.
Not a great place to be a police officer, but god bless those crazy fucks for trying to drain the ocean with a teaspoon.
People with money leave as the taxes increase to move to the county. this has been steadily shrinking the tax base.
Baltimore is so dangerous the crack dealers are moving out. popular nicknames include "harm city" "Bulletmore" "Brawltimore" "Bodymore" "Murderland" and "the city that bleeds"
besides the crab cakes, Baltimore can go to hell
by goregeous October 03, 2007

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