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actually the word is "tolchock"
i gave the veck a real horrorshow tollchock on his vonny rot and then got back to the Duke Of New York and started peeting on my Scotch and puff puff puffing away on a cancer
by gore May 10, 2004
nick name of one of the best underground Emcees, cage kennylz.

if u like cage .. ull like NECRO
"agent orange stompin on emcees, corpse slim circle boddy parts, call murder scenes abstract art." from the song Cage - Agent Orange
by gore May 10, 2004
a very, very ugly girl that goes to langley high school and has sex with chinese people in the hallway. the only way she gets play is from chinese peopel cuz they cannot open there eyes far enough too see how ugly she is.
"katchina is ugly."
by gore May 10, 2004
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