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small portion of some material, usually drugs or food.

sometimes spelled: "scrimplet"
dude, I have no money, let me just have a scrimpet of your <insert drug>

1: do you have any <insert food/drug> left?

2: Nah, I just have a scrimpet
by gordonliu June 15, 2011
Generic descriptive term for any small, weak, low quality, etc. item or person. Often used with generality in relation to drugs. This word is used as an adjective in compound nouns and as a noun.
Your 1990 Honda Civic hatchback is a "jib mobile"

Lets smoke some jibs (cannabis)

When I opened that balloon, I only got a little jib (heroin)

I only have a few jibs left (cannabis; small chunks/nugs)
by gordonliu June 15, 2011
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