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the most fucking stupid show that nickelodian has squeezed out their ass yet. the characters look like pieces of shit that have been reanimated, and its crappy animation anyway. it is largely unfunny and very sad. this is by far one of the worst shows nickelodian has come up with yet, and i saw icarly. anyone who says this show is funny obviously has now idea what good humor is, and should have hot metal rods forced up their assholes until they come out their mouths.
is that hanna montana singing justin beiber's songs?
no, its fanboy and chum chum
#fanboy #chum chum #stupid #absolute shit #crap #nickelodian feces
by gordak1 June 04, 2010
what the navi do to jake scully in avatar
"you will become one of us" line out of navi reeducation
#avatar #reeducation #navi #jake #scully #jake scully
by gordak1 June 05, 2010
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