1 definition by gopunchurself

male: the fierce,obnoxious face a man makes right before he does something guilty or often known as the awkward face he makes just before penetration of an unwilling victim.

Rape Faces also buy drinks for girls who are knowingly attached or unavailable in hope of removing said girls' panties.

female: the face of a woman who has partied too hard and no longer has energy to continue. usually the face of a worn, exhausted, confused, and easily taken advantage of girl. often also known as the worst she has looked as of recent times.
male: "dude she totally got a glimpse of my rape face right before i did the deed, now i feel like a perv"

female: "dude, did you just see that girl? What a rape face, but I'd still hit it! haha"
by gopunchurself April 18, 2011

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