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3 definitions by goony44

A dick so small that it blows in the wind like a single strand of hair
Hey tom would you use your Hair dick again to reset my calculator? My pen is too big
by goony44 August 31, 2011
The act of holding a beverage without using your thumb. The resulting configuration of fingers closely resembles that of a sloths mitt.
Chris never uses his thumb to drink a beer. He rocks the sloth grip all night long.
by goony44 March 02, 2012
The mirror image of your butt created by the still water in the toilet. Aids in assuring you do not have any cliff hangers before you go to wipe.
I looked down at the buttflection and did not like what i saw. A massive pile o crap had yet to fall into the toilet.
by goony44 November 04, 2011