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A wonderful country that is NOT full of:

1) Bad food (thats a steryotype made after W.W.II when Britain went into a depression)

2) Bad teeth

3) Crumpets (even though they are nice, biscuits and scones are a much more popular tea-treat)

4) "Crazy Accents and words" if americans wanted to use the ENGLISH language, they should not consider the original words and accent "weird"

5) Full of stuck-up bastards, I happen to have lived in England for the first 11 years of my life, and having a foreign family and living in a lower middle class did not mean i was ever insulted by people or made to feel unloved, i truly love the countries (plural) of britain

I also now live in America. Even though i did mention America before, I do think this is a great country too. what happened to being freaking ALLIES?
Britain: ummm, i dont want to make an example, cuz i'm cool like tat!

America: ok!
by goobamonstar March 16, 2009

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