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A unit used in Tribal Wars to conquer another village. Usually accompanied by a large number of offensive units called "nuke" to destroy or clear the troops of the target village, ensuring successful nobling.
I sent a nobleman so that i can finally conquer his village.
by gonbaxer June 06, 2009
For those who play Counter Strike:

M4A1 5.56 mm Assault Rifle is a standard for Counter Terrorists (CT's) because of its short barrel length, rate of fire, and the ability to place a silencer when you right click your mouse. Though not that accurate especially in silent mode, it gives the CT a fighting chance against the Terrorist's feared weapons such as the AK47 and the Ingram MAC-10. With the Ingram being a fast firing low accuracy SMG (sub-machine gun) and the AK47, a long but powerful assault rifle, the direct rival of the M4A1.

Its accuracy is nothing when compared to the Steyr AUG but the AUG is loud and long, not good when entering CQB (closed quarters battle) operations and maps such as CS_Office. The M4 , as called by players, is chosen especially when you encounter low money, CQB maps, and if you don't have a weapon to choose from.

In silence mode, an enemy can not hear your shots as long as you are not near or beside the enemy. Its favored also since it can reach out even to a person carrying a Magnum Sniper Rifle, though it will take more than one shot to take out the sniper at long range unless your luck enough to pull it off. The silencer also gives you the edge of giving the first shot especially if your target isn't looking.

Its not seen as one of the most practical weapons to choose in counter strike since:

1. A silencer isn't necessary to take out the enemy.

2. Its not exactly Mr.Accurate.

3. A lot of guns are better than this in every way imaginable.

A lot of players especially pros see this popular gun an alternative to buy if you don't have time to buy and think of a gun to choose from, since clicking the "Auto Buy" will give you this weapon instantly together with armor and full ammunition. This is a choice of weapon for anyone from noob to pro. Most people think that the silencer isn't practical since:

1. It lowers your accuracy by making your cross hair larger.

2. It doesn't give you power.

But it also gives you good advantages especially for certain strategies like. For example:

1. Secret passage ways.

For those who have chosen to pass through the secret passage ways its always good to have a silent weapon especially when shooting out vent covers like in the map CS_Assault.

2. Ambush
It does give you the element of surprise especially if your enemy isn't looking.

3. Silent Kill
This is great if your wearing a pitch black suit and helmet like the SAS. You hide in a dark corner and shoot your enemy whilst not getting seen. But a lot of stuff makes this fail so hard. If your enemy points his cross hair to you then your name will pop up therefore giving away your position. But this is great if you have a lot of teammates. Your team mates can go in the open, obviously your enemy will focus their attention on them first. you on the other hand hide and shoot your enemy who is shooting your teammate.

But strategies are seen as trivial matters when you play counter strike since you only have to either kill all of the enemies or fulfill your mission. They aren't that needed.
This weapon also fails hard especially if you consider lower costing guns that match its stats. Guns like the:

1. 9mm MP5 Navy - it cost less, it has more rounds, and its more accurate. It only lacks power and the ability to put a silencer down it's barrel.

2. Steyr AUG - like i've mentioned before its more accurate, it has more power. But its rate of fire is slightly slower, it has a longer barrel, and most of all its so loud that even if your on the other side of the map, you can hear it (just joking).

So there you have it. A general discussion on the M4A1 for those playing counter strike. Sorry if it was long.
The M4A1 is cool!
by gonbaxer June 06, 2009

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