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A town on the Hudson River in Westchester County. It has 30,000 people. It has a train station, a few supermarkets, and McDonald's.

You have your drug-dealing ghetto that's like 70% Ecuadorian around Spring Street, the huge Jewish mansions in Waterview and Briarcliff, a lot of middle class people around 133, and a whole shitload of condos around St. Augustine's and 9A.

This makes the schools all awkward because you have the rich Abercrombie Jews in one part of the cafeteria, the fat redneck kids who hang out with the teachers talking about whichever New York football team is doing better, then you have the black kids who just do anything they want and don't care if they get suspended or go to summer school, and then you have the Ecuadorians. Ecuadorians make up like 30% of the school. All they do is talk with each other in Spanish, make out in the hallways, hang out at The Corner Deli, and playsoccer. Nobody really knows what goes on with the Ecuadorians.

In all, Ossining is an okay place to live. Just don't walk anywhere west of Route 9, cause you might get shot.
Michael: I live on Waterview Drive in Ossining. My house cost $800,000. I wear clothing from Abercrombie & Fitch every day.

DuShawn: Yo, I live in the ghetto part of O-Town, on Spring Street. Every day when I walk home from the high school, I pass ten drug dealers.

Gladys: Yo vivo en el calle State, en Ossining, Nueva York. Yo estoy Ecuatoriano. Veo el carcel de Sing Sing de mi casa. Yo tengo muchas amigas Ecuatorianas en la escuela.
by gomets729 December 14, 2010
The iPod's ugly cousin. It does more stuff than an iPod does for a benjamin less.

Advantages of Sansa Clip+:
Buttons, Voice Recording, Expandable Memory, You don't have to use shitty iTunes software, IT'S FUCKING 50 DOLLARS

Advantages of iPod Nano:
It looks cool
Dumb kid: Look at my sexy-ass iPod! It's so fresh and fly.

Smart kid: I have a Sansa.

Dumb kid: HAHA LOLZERS YOU HAVE AN UGLY-ASS MP3 PLAYER! Are you, like, poor?

Smart kid: Shut up, you just bought that iPod to look cool. You can't even afford an iPod. Your family lives in a 600 square-foot apartment in the ghetto. Your mom's probably a hooker, but she only charges a dollar cause she's so ugly. You're dad's high on meth 24/7. You just need that $150 iPod to get some self-esteem to cover up the fact that you have a 3 inch dick. You're flunking all your classes and you're gonna grow up to flip burgers at McDonald's.
by gomets729 December 14, 2010

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