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A New York Accent is how working class whites in the city speak. It involves dropping r's off words that have them (father-fatha) and adding them to words that don't (soda-sodar). Changing and adding "oi" in words (oil-erl). Pronouncing the "th" as a "d" or "t" (the-da)(through-trew). There are three major New York accents:Italian, Irish, and Jewish. Blacks speak differently that would not be considered a New York accent. The New York Accent is more prominant in older people and is being lost in younger people as they imitate fake upper class whites from the midwest that they see on tv.
Guy 1: I'm gonna take da LIE tah go see my fatha out on da island.
Guy 2: You have a heavy New York Accent
Guy 3: Yeah, I was born in Bushwick
by gomets1221 July 19, 2006

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