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Getting really drunk at a party and then expelling all of your bodily fluids all over the place.
That party last night was crashed early. It turns out Steve pulled a Morralliss.
by gohabsgo60 April 12, 2009
1) When you are making out with someone (male or female) and you throw up all over the place. Often done in a closet lol.

2) Rear end a car and blame it on fashion.

3) Make out with a fat chick

4) Act like a homosexual
1) Aww I heard that Scott and Lauren were making out. Too bad he had to drink too much and pull a Scott. Poor Lauren.

2) Jason's rear end of the car is bumped because somebody pulled a Scott. Those damn Italian leather boots again!

3) I heard Steve had to pull a Scott last night! Oh well, thats all he can afford.

4) Mikey thats gross, stop pulling a Scott.
by gohabsgo60 April 13, 2009

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