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A person (usually male) whose mannerisms and appearance remind you of a Brontosaurus (as seen in Land Before Time and/or Jurassic Park) or an Apatosaur (as seen in real life).
Look, Bronty's munching on low-hanging leaves again.

Bronty, stop nuzzling me, I'm trying to focus and am not at all impressed by your anormally long neck.
by gogreenrhino January 21, 2009
really, disgustingly gross vomit. impossible to clean. as in "terrible bile".

Also, anything that is so terrible/gross/disturbing that it makes you want to vomit all over the place.
Oh god, that joke is terribile... I think I just threw up in my mouth
by gogreenrhino July 25, 2011
1. (Adj) A person or group whose sexuality is in question, or (specifically) whose sexual preference seems to fluctuate on a weekly basis.
Kelly: "Andrew, WTF? Why is Dave ignoring me and making out with a dude?!"
Andrew: "It's Sunday."
Kelly: "What is that supposed to mean? Last night we hooked up and he made all these homophobic remarks... and now all of a sudden he's gay?"
Andrew: "Yeah, didn't you know, Dave's biweekly."
Kelly: "Oh."
by gogreenrhino August 11, 2011
An impression of a man during the lead up to and act ejaculation. Can be based on personal experience OR simply be how you imagine a dude might look/sound when jizzing.
"OMG, when he cums he sounds like a dolphin with bronchitis, let me do a jizzpression."

"Check out this link, Jon Stewart does a great jizzpression of congressman Randy Weber."
by gogreenrhino September 22, 2014

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