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"Fuck My Life" of "Fudge My Life"

Fny website where users pst stories
Today, I was helping my church clean up a park. I was given a sledgehammer and told to break up a concrete picnic table so we could haul it off. About half way through I swung the sledgehammer REALLY hard, completely missed the table, and hit myself in the shin. F.M.L.

Today, my mom wants me snowed in with her and she wont fkn stop talking and the powers off. F.M.L.

Today, my boyfriend told me that he couldn't kiss me because i would fall for him. i think it was meant to be deep, but i started laughing hysterically. not only did i lock that text for when i need to have a good laugh, i also like him a little less now. F.M.L.

Today, I was walking on a main street downtown. Suddenly, I felt someone slap my butt. I turned around, expecting to be my girlfriend who was to meet me there and almost gave an old homeless man a kiss on the cheek. F.M.L.
by gogocarts3 February 09, 2010

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