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1. the wacky goings-on of the lesbian community.

2. actions of allegedly heterosexual women which may lead you to believe that they are "less than hetero."
guy 1: dude, i think i just saw Jenny take Andrea into the bedroom and lock the door.

guy 2: there's some serious lesbi-antics going on with those two.
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
delta bravos (or d.b.'s) is a military term for "dick beaters," or hands, as the hands are often used to play with one's peter. often used when some ass-clown puts their grubby paws on some of your shit (property).
"hey! get your fucking delta bravo's off my frigging beer!"
by gofuk yerself November 14, 2005
an insult used when i was so frustrated that i couldn't think of any other insult.
guy 1 is being a total jackass
guy 2: DICKFINGERS! you just knocked over my beer!
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
a comeback muttered under your breath when you can't think of anything better to say.
joe: hey bobby, i just did your mom!
bobby: (muttering) jerkstore.
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
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