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4 definitions by gofuk yerself

1. the wacky goings-on of the lesbian community.

2. actions of allegedly heterosexual women which may lead you to believe that they are "less than hetero."
guy 1: dude, i think i just saw Jenny take Andrea into the bedroom and lock the door.

guy 2: there's some serious lesbi-antics going on with those two.
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
45 23
delta bravos (or d.b.'s) is a military term for "dick beaters," or hands, as the hands are often used to play with one's peter. often used when some ass-clown puts their grubby paws on some of your shit (property).
"hey! get your fucking delta bravo's off my frigging beer!"
by gofuk yerself November 14, 2005
18 4
an insult used when i was so frustrated that i couldn't think of any other insult.
guy 1 is being a total jackass
guy 2: DICKFINGERS! you just knocked over my beer!
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
38 25
a comeback muttered under your breath when you can't think of anything better to say.
joe: hey bobby, i just did your mom!
bobby: (muttering) jerkstore.
by gofuk yerself November 09, 2005
31 63