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An internet service provider, AOL is an acronym for Always OffLine. If you use AOL do not even think of playing any MMORPG's, you will quickly become hated by your guildmates for wipes caused by disconnections. Also don't try to download or watch videos as will lead to much hairloss whilst waiting for it to load at AOL's amazingly slow download speeds. Also don't even think of trying to check the news before work, you will be frustrated due to disconnects at every available opportunity and if you do proceed to finish reading the news will prob be fired for being 2 hrs late. All in all a pitiful excuse of an isp that i would not recommend to my worst enemy.
Possibly the best dial-up simulator on the UK broadband market
As there was nothing on tv and was late i decided to try and find something amusing on youtube, unfortunately AOL had other ideas.
by godmodeadin June 30, 2009
The bone chilling battle shout made by pretty much every human male upon aggro in the game World of Warcraft . Also repeated multiple times during combat.
i was just wandering through westfall on my lvl 10 hunter when i heard HUH HUH HUHUH HUH HUH HUH behind me. Next thing i knew i was dead.
by godmodeadin April 29, 2009
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