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Fat women dancing like large hoofed mammals.
Sally was ungulating for a bucket of fried chicken and a ride home.
by gobbledegook September 21, 2007
A woman whose vagifat combined with her huge ass and stomach resemble a large angry hippopotamus.
Her Hippovaginus was ungulating to the sound of the oncoming ice cream trucks jingle.
by gobbledegook September 21, 2007
Not quite a hiccup, not quite a burp. I makes a weird high pitched sound causing others around to look at you weird and/or bless you...they think.
Man: What the hell was that?!
Woman: It was a hiccurf.
Man: Oookay...Freak.
by gobbledegook September 23, 2007
People who join chat rooms and chat about the stupidest shit ever.
Oh god, there are so many chatter dorks in this room tonight. I need to get a life.
by gobbledegook September 21, 2007
Fat deposits surrounding the female genitalia.
Sally had difficulty during intercourse because her vagifat created a fat shield blocking off the penis.
by gobbledegook September 21, 2007
The dance that crabs do on your crotchal area while you sleep.
Yo, my crotch stomp kept me up all night.
by gobbledegook September 20, 2007
A harness-like undergarment used to restrain excessive vagifat.
Sally was excited to try out her new super reinforced vagibra with little ungulating grey hippos on it.
by gobbledegook September 21, 2007
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