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180 definitions by gnostic1

n. Originally a trainee in an asbestos mine who cleared the fine carcinogenic fibres off the tram lines but now any lowly employee who is tasked with any unpleasant, dangerous or tedious job.

1) Get a team of dust monkeys into the kitchen right away. The McFryer is making that funny sound and I think she's going to blow!

2) Where's me new dust monkey? A gale be blowing up astern and the mizzen mast be luffing.
by gnostic1 October 11, 2011
n. an assistant or apprentice to a mechanic and, by extension, any lackey or lesser being in any endeavor.
1) Look at all the stinking grime in there. I am not touching that!

No sweat. The wheelnut monkey will handle it. Don't let him wear gloves.

2) Get the wheelnut monkey to read these documents and talk to the press about them.

Okay Mr President. I'll get Mr. Biden right on it.
by gnostic1 August 25, 2011
n. State of mind, often induced by alcohol, in which one is unaware of the need for coital prophylaxis.

Yo Stephanie! Nice baby bump girl. Looks like your condumb comes six to a case not three to a box.

Say what? I ain't no good at math.

Yeah. Or biology.
by gnostic1 December 19, 2011
n. Skateboarding move in which the rider, after gaining a high degree of speed and elevation off a suitably placed ramp such as a neighbor's slant nosed Porsche, does an inverted fakey shirttail grab freehand then surveys the assembled crowd of lamers and posers and gesticulates toward the one he thinks is holding the gamest weed.
Rad leaper bro! I totally spronged when you fingered Bonghat during that awwwesome with three doubleyous ollieollieoxenfree.
by gnostic1 November 06, 2010
place. Withered town relying on rock-hound tourism to keep afloat. The kindness of strangers pays the wages at the Food and Fuel Emporium as well as Hiram's Hostelry and the trickle-down effect stops the leakage of young adults to the sleaze of the bigger towns in the Greater Gravelbend Region.

Rock collectors and iron pyrite enthusiasts congregate at the sluiceworks where steam-driven donkey-pumps have been keeping the tailings dry since 1846 when the gold ran out.

A new high fence is being hastily constructed upstream from town.

Cheese making and quilt pressing are now the main cottage-industries along with whittlin' likenesses of Grover Cleveland, who was born just up the river.

A gravel-slide that destroyed the saltine factory is surmounted by a cairn constructed of imported pebbles brought to the site by pilgrims after a local trapper had a dream in which he was commanded to build an edifice of stones to commemorate the disaster.

Aleuts have recently built a new seasonal encampment upstream from town.

Let's take some pebbles up to Sluiceville to build up the cairn a bit. We could get the quilt pressed too if the line isn't too long.
by gnostic1 October 18, 2011
n. Person who is willing to walk when it is needed but isn't possessed of a bizarre desire to walk industriously for fitness or weight control.
Want to do a couple of "Ks" before breakfast?

Ahhh. No thanks. I'll just catch a couple more"Zs". I'm more of a social walker.
by gnostic1 October 12, 2011
n. Hands that drop condoms,surgical instruments, trays of food, Nobel Prize medals etc.

That new scrub nurse is pretty sweet.

Yeah, but I hear she has awkward paws.
by gnostic1 October 08, 2011