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Compact acronym for Typical Bitter Bitch.
TB2: (angrily) No one loves me.
Me: You hate everyone.
#bitter #hate #angry #bitch #cunt
by gnerd1 November 02, 2011
A person with extremely undesirable emotional traits.
Branson: You know you'll never get them.
Me: We're actually kicking it tomorrow.
Branson: (ignores me with evil eyes)
Me: You on that faggot shit again.
#jealous #spite #bitterness #hatred #immaturity
by gnerd1 November 01, 2011
a. Not to be confused with Confuscius.
b. A horrendously confused individual.
Black Guy 1: I want to get hoops in my ears.
Black Guy 2: That's that white boy shit.
Black Guy 1: Nigga you confusious as hell.
#ignorant #lost #pathetic #pitiful #putrid
by gnerd1 November 02, 2011
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