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A long rambling, incoherent news conference/speech given by a public official that leaves you more confused about the official's real reasons for making the statement.
Governor Palin's speech 3 July 2009 announcing her intent to resign was truly sanfordesque.
by Gneissguy July 11, 2009
Someone who can eat crackers in your bed anytime.
Mariska Hargitay has always been a cracker candidate.
by Gneissguy July 11, 2009
Living on De' Nile. Living in a state of denial about some major crisis or problem in the persons life.
John: Bob's got a real drinking problem, have you talked to him?

Julie: Yes but he's doing the Egyptian Thing and won't talk to me.
by Gneissguy August 11, 2009
Taking the advice and guidance you received from your counselor or therapist and trying to apply it to the problems of a friend or loved one's life.
I know I should not Recon, but my counselor told me that I should set better boundaries in my life, I think you should think about trying that too.
by gneissguy December 22, 2013

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