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1 definition by gnarrlllybrooo

Traditionally, a form of street surfing, originateing in california, see LBC or long boarding community, this also can mean long beach cali. this is not a coincidence. BUT longboards differ from shortboards in that they are designed for speed, smoothness and carving. Not major tricks and ollies. HOWEVER, Longboarding is more about the soul, like longboarding the surfboard, longboarders are almost always very laid back, chill, kind, and overall sick people. Riding a longboard is the ultimate form of freedom, and highly addicting.
Short boarder- Dude im soo f*ckin cool, i can ollie and shitt
longboarder- nice day bro, I just went out, bombed some hills, i hit 40 km on this one hill, then i did some cross steps and carves. wicked chill day dude.
by gnarrlllybrooo June 05, 2010