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A rumper is the act of fucking the asscrack of your girlfriend and cumming on the crack without penetration into the asshole or pussyhole.
I gave my girl a rumper.
by glock17 - Rick March 16, 2006
This is purely a sexual term for a homosexual male couple's act;It refers to the act of squeezing fecal matter from the hole of the penis into the eyes of your partner and then into the mouth. It is derived from the "dirty" nature of the poop and the nature of the word "hunt" for a "man", hence huntsman.

It is done while or right after an orgasm, this enhances the taste associated with the shit in the eyes and mouth.

I gave my lover a dirty hunts-man, and he loved it.
by glock17 - Rick April 07, 2006
This is the act of throwing your arms in the air and swaying them to and fro, whilest screaming and shreaking like a chimp; during the act of anal penetration.

fyi:Intermittent ass slapping is common during this act.
I love commiting a chimpkin on my lady.
by glock17 - Rick April 09, 2006
This is a word describing the insurgence of a "hard on" or enlargement of the penis or clitoris while engaging in the act of looking at sexual content online. The "e" portion stands for electronic, the "rection" portion stands for enlarged.
I got an e-rection while browsing online at beautiful models.

by glock17 - Rick January 07, 2007
This word describes a poor white trash family, or families. The work is dirty dozen......
I saw some d-twelvers out there.
by glock17 - Rick March 16, 2006

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