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33 definitions by glenn griffiths

1. Fat Greek and Italian woman in a sauna.

2. Fat old gay guys who hunt the saunas looking for fresh meat.
"Dude I just caught Tony's grandmother naked in the sauna"

"Eww gross, howe did it look"

"It was like I was watching Gorillas in the Mist"
by Glenn Griffiths August 22, 2006
Dominio is a famous pasta sauce here in Australia.

A dominio grins refers to a man or woman who have left traces of blood over there face after licking out a girl who was on her rags.
"You look happy today Meliisa"

"Yeah, my boyfriend ate me out last night, and when he looked at me he had a Domino Grin"
by Glenn Griffiths August 22, 2006
1. An extremly ugly looking person. Resembles a twistie that someone has chewed on, spat out than stepped on.
Reed was looking like a squashed Twistie ever since he was born.
by Glenn Griffiths August 13, 2006
1. Whne you lover pees in your mouth before intercourse which increase the sexual feeling for both parties.
Rosie always loved receiving Calvin's Lemon Waterfall before he did her over the rubbish bin.
by Glenn Griffiths August 13, 2006
A made up word created by Western Powers to ease the fears of there citizens about Islam.

There is no such type of person, as they all read the same Quran and all suport what is in the Quran.

Muslims have latched onto this word and are quick to label themselves one if they feel they need to scream discrimination because some country wants them to assimlate while muslims dont want to assimilate. But yet expect it when westerners are over in their arab lands.

Totally fake
"Can you belive Aly, she is such a moderate muslim"

"I didnt know she followed Islam"

"Shit yeah she hates Jews and belives all white woman should be raped by muslim men"

"Oh my god, she is such a moderate muslim than"

by Glenn Griffiths September 06, 2006
A great looking girl, a fine piece of ass.
That taste good
Sun-Hi walked passed me, I turned to look at her fine ass, it was heaven on a stick
by Glenn Griffiths August 29, 2006
A lipstick lesbians pussy
Sandra loved licking out her girlfriend's Rochelle's Lemon pie
by Glenn Griffiths August 30, 2006