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A rich suburb near both Schenectady and Albany in upstate New York. The houses are big and beautiful, taxes are expensive, and if you live in Niskayuna you most likely have a ton of money. There isn't much to do besides sit at the local Starbucks, so with lack of anything more fun and daddy's money to spend most middle school and high school students just drink and/or smoke a lot. You'll meet each of the usual high school stereotypes, but Nisky is known for its preppy, tan, above-average looking girls. The underground "uniform" of Nisky high consists of the uggs and northface that you will see everywhere you turn.
guy 1: those niskayuna sluts blow mad dick
guy 2: be real dude, all they blow is cash. you're just heated cause they wouldn't waste their time looking twice at a guy like you
by gladileftthisplace January 02, 2010

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