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When playing Gears of War 2, saying "doop", yelling "doop", screaming "doop", or whispering "doop" in a high pressure 1 V 1-5 situation, is used when runing away from the attackers in a perfect way, coming back with ill wall bounces and two pieces for the win. Commonly used by gk L e G i T and DAXCHAMPIONX
gk L e G i T: "Dude you guys are seriously already dead, what the fuck you guys are garbage."

DAXCHAMPIONX: "Nobody's backin' me up at the snipe"

gk L e G i T: "I told you to get out of there they were flankin' real bad"

(3 Players rushing)

DAXCHAMPIONX: "Man you didn't say shit"

gk L e G i T: "Are you fuckin' serious I told you straight up get-DOOP!

(evades attackers comes back on one with a wall bounce two piece roll back, and continues running)

gk L e G i T (continued): "the fuck out of there they are flanking"


gk L e G i T: "DOOP! Haha I'm tellin' yah everytime you need to run say DOOP and you'll play better hahahah"

(gk L e G i T continues DOOP'n and clutches out the 1 V 4)
by gk L e G i T June 30, 2009

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