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A dumb person. Insult found only on the TV show Degrassi Junior High.
Shut up Wheels, you broomhead!
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
regular worker/employee. someone with no autonomy who must work to survive.
I am a wage slave at McDonalds
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
A plaid lumberjack shirt.
Look at those hosers in their Kenora Dinner jackets. Must be a formal event.
by Giselle Gardonyi March 15, 2004
Midwestern word meaning shallow, attractive, not too bright, young woman
Happy Hour at TGIFs was filled with fluff chicks
by Giselle Gardonyi July 06, 2004
Very thin/anorexic female socialite, From Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities
Social x-rays embody the notion that "you can't be too rich or too thin"
by Giselle Gardonyi March 16, 2004
What in the world...?
What in sam hill are you talking about?
by giselle gardonyi July 20, 2004
punk kids that stand on street corners trying to wash your car windows with a squeegie for spare change.
I avoid driving past there. Too many squeegie kids.
by Giselle Gardonyi March 15, 2004
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