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The best free-style pro skater ever!
The Mutt
by GirlSkater January 18, 2004
A dumbass man on the internet, you can't get a straight answer from jeeves.
Jeeves-Ask me a question
Me-Where can i find pictures of men in the nude?
Jeeves-The answer is, Carpet right the number one place for carpets.
by GirlSkater February 03, 2004
Well, Stifflers mom.(from American Pie)
Finch boned Stifflers mom.
milf boy 1-"Hey dude, your'e the guy who boned Stifflers mom."

milf boy 2-"Dude if i didn't need to pee so bad i'd shake your hand."
by GirlSkater February 10, 2004
My favourite pro skater.
Do a Mike-v Boneless off that cheese shop.
by GirlSkater January 18, 2004
Like Peter! except you say RAY! with alot more power and alot more words:
"Oh RAY!"
"Fuck Me RAY!"
"Up The Bum RAY!"
"Harder RAY!"
by GirlSkater February 23, 2004
A comment made when something is cool or astounding.
"Fuck me! You've got cherry pie?"
by GirlSkater March 27, 2004
A soft chewy sweet for all the family to enjoy!
"Henri got drunk on wine gums."
by GirlSkater February 10, 2004

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