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1. It refers to people who based their philosophy and religion wholly and solely on their feelings and emotions without any regard to objective and sane perceptions of reality.

2. A philosophy of life spouted by a dogmatic born-again "New Ager"

3. i.e. a sentimentalist
"Don't worry about her guilt trips and accusations, she's just speaking her feelosophy. Just 'cause she feels that way, doesn't automatically make it true."

"Wow, did you see that crazy New-Age Hippy guy spouting his profound feelosophy all over us at the drum circle?"

"Gee, people who say "do whatever makes you feel good," are pretty dumb. If I like slamming heroin into my arm every night, should I continue to do it? These people need to get their feelosophy straightened out
by girirajgopal October 28, 2011

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