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it can mean anything. like legit anything in the world. put it in any sentence to describe anything.
"urggg i have a math test" -jermy placenta
"eww thts stretchy. i hate math" -ginlly


"wow i loveee your outfit!! whered u get it??" -holly
"thanks! ik its stretchy, i got it at this stretchy store that im not going to reveal the name of!" -gina

by ginlly March 15, 2010
how bout u dude
tilark: "whats good"
geen: "online shopping like always!"
tilark: "kewl!!!!!!!"
geen: "cool*** hbud?"
tilark: "huh?"
geen: "how bout u dude........"
tilark: "oh well i cant go to church cuz my rents made me stay home to do chores"

^^true story
by ginlly June 22, 2010

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