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1 definition by gingersnapsrocks!

A thirty-something male who emerges from his winter hiding place each spring to find an unwitting woman's life to ruin each by fall. The locust is similar to the very similar dating type, "the false messiah. "Everyone is fooled and believes that he is in earnest. He may even think so. While the false messiah is aware of his actions, the locust goes about his destruction carelessly leaving a female victim dazed and confused upon his sudden and brutal breakup speech delivered after months of declaring his true love. Like the insect that periodically terrorizes farmers, he comes out unexpectedly and ruins everything in sight. IN autumn, heretreats to his cave to destroy again. After declaring that he is going to stay away from dating for a while, he can be found the next day on every dating web site one can find seeking his next victim. L
Synonyms: False-Messiah Antonyms: husband, true-love, sincerity
" That guy is a locust; he acted like he truly loved me, had everyone fooled, and then blind-sided me with a brutal breakup. I hope he gets shingles.
by gingersnapsrocks! January 28, 2011