1 definition by gingerlover1109

they have no soul,

also referred as ginger snaps

they give their friends gingerbread houses for chrismas

you can usually see them in movies like annie, pipi long stockings and resident evil

you can also see them blowing hobbits on occasion

also means red, anger, very revengeful
1 did you see that ginger the other day?

2 yeah wasnt that weird how he was on south park?

1 that ginger must be speical?

2 not really the ginger tried to kill everyone even himself and failed

1 that ginger was incredibly emo, and so cool

2, dude the ginger failed at trying to die

1 you gotta admit that the ginger was really cool

2 ok ok i do agree gingers are amazing cool and aweful at the same time

1 gingers

2 hehehe gingers
by gingerlover1109 August 23, 2010

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