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View of current student (class of 2012)

Mount Hebron is a high school in eastern HoCo Maryland. Yes, it is in one of the richest counties in America, but sadly, the school system neglects the MTH community. Being built in 1965 as a middle school (it became a high school in 1969 when Patapsco Middle was built), MTH has gone through renovation after renovation over its long lifetime. Currently, a 3-4 year renovation will start by spring break which will rebuild the western side of the school.

Administrative Staff:
Principle Scott Ruehl
Vice Principle Napoleon Saunders
Vice Principle Jennifer Clements
Vice Principle John Cheek

Athletic Highs-and-Lows:
When you walk into the Gymnasium, you are greeted with banners of previous athletic achievements, probably the most recurring sport is girls lax (really, they're that good). Football, that's another story. our football team sucks... miserably.

COLOUR DAY... wow, on friday of spirit week before homecoming this OLD tradition occurs. Every student wears colours that promote their specific grade. The colours are as follows:
Senior: Black (Primary MTH colour)
Juniors: Gold (Secondary MTH colour)
Sophomores: Blue (CHS secondary colour)
Freshmen: Red (CHS primary colour)

Centennial High School (fags)
mascot- Eagle

My View:
I love MTH. I don't care if the school is getting torn apart during my high school years, the rats (which i have yet to see), locked bathrooms, or parts of the school are coloured with rivals colours. I'm in marching band, were going to georgia within a few weeks (were that cool). Despite the hardships that this school, and students, go through we manage to work together and get shit done.
I bleed black and gold (and red for the rest of this year)
-Hey, whats mount hebron high school?
-Just the best damn place EVER!
by gingerkid!!! March 16, 2009

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