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a cock is a plaything for the owner, women and other men. cocks should be used at every oppurtunity- whether it be flashing someone, fucking someone or wanking off in a bath with someone.
'my god that is a monster of a cock you have'
'may i suck your cock?'
'please suck my cock'
'if i show my pussy will you show your cock'
by ginger_licker November 28, 2005
you can see gremlins if you are in a bathtub in the Mystical Thatched House of Pube, near the evil elf forest of Pubical features. Gremlins can sometimes be helpful, sometimes they can be spiteful if you have been smoking too much pot. if you are ever poked by a gremlin's magical nightstick, get yourself to a cupboard as fast as you can and listen to banana phone for ten hours.
'i'm a happy gremlin in the bathtub of glee'
'we gremlins shall save you from the evil elves in the Pubical Forest'
by ginger_licker November 28, 2005

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