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3 definitions by gin078

Facebooking while taking a poo. Can be from a computer, iPod, phone.
**Facebook Chat**

Dave: Whats up
Mike: Nmu
Dave: Just taking a deuce and facebooking
Mike: Oh you mean fecebooking?
Dave: Yeah
by gin078 September 02, 2009
to suckle the nipple, preferably of a female
Bro 1 - Im gonna schmop on her boomdaddies later on
Bro 2 - sweet man her boomdaddies are huge
by gin078 May 20, 2009
the act of receiving a blow job
Guy 1 - Dude, shes gonna schmop on my domepiece tonight.
Guy 2 - Sweet.
by gin078 May 20, 2009