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Originally the name of the board game D.W. wanted to play with her older brother on the hit TV show "Arthur", is now used as a euphemism for any sexual act except intercourse, particularly oral sex preformed on a woman.
"There's this girl in my chemistry class who has some great boobies. I don't know if I'd have sex with her, but I hope we get drunk tonight and go back to her place and play a little Confuse the Goose."
by gimpy2552 April 03, 2008
Occurs after a long night of drinking and is often coupled with a hangover. Characterized by a general aching sensation in the lower back area, particularly around the kidneys.
"Man, last night was a shitshow! I got so drunk and I think I made out with the horse. I'm paying for it today, I've got a nasty hangover and I am doing the Kidney Shuffle."

by gimpy2552 April 18, 2008

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