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1 definition by giglet

short term name for Jack Barakat also known as the orignal JB, JB is from the american rock band All Time Low. Jack claims that Justin Beiber stole his nickname..

Jack Barakat, (JB) is one of the most down to earth people, to ever walk the earth. he is very funny, says some great quotes, can play a guitar very well, he cares alot about his fans, he can also be known as promoting STI and STD awareness such as Herpes on his guitar.. :)

he is THE ORIGINAL JB.. :)
girl 1: "have you heard about JB? he was shot... :(
girl 2: NOOOOOooo not Jack!! *cries*
girl 1: no justin beiber....

girl 2: oh thank **** for that...

girl 1: -_-....
by giglet April 16, 2011