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5 definitions by gia rin

Artist, heavy singer and screamer in band Born Against Christians. Looks like the devil slightly.
devil, black beard.
by gia rin December 19, 2003
meow spelled backwards and upsidedown.
Carly Moew artist and musician.
Uncommon greeting.
Meow, Carly Moew, Hello, hey.
by gia rin December 19, 2003
1. a female human, who's first name really is melissa, but hangs with boys so she is referred to as "dave".
2. crazy mo fo
"hey, there's melly dave!"
by gia rin May 25, 2004
1. shorform for Born Against Christians
" My Favorite band is B.A.C!"
by gia rin May 25, 2004
1. Ninja Magic
2. Small black furry animal, particularly a black cat.
"mini skinny rinny"
by gia rin May 24, 2004