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14 definitions by ghost freeman

One hell of a video game
Far Cry kicks ass
by Ghost Freeman May 22, 2004
335 155
A weapon in a first person shooter which all the newbs use because its easy to kill others with, or they aren't ready or willing to give another gun a shot.
In Rainbow Six 3, the Grenade Launcher is the noob cannon, most servers don't even run it unless they want amusement.
by Ghost Freeman October 17, 2004
215 40
When we reach a point where we cannot understand our own technology, but it can understand us.
When mankind reaches a technological singularity, we're fucked.
by Ghost Freeman February 22, 2004
50 18
Abbr, Formerly Known As
* Player was formerly known as OMFGDILLYOSIS
by Ghost Freeman December 24, 2003
42 17
One of the best damn imageboards there ever was.
God bless moot, and 4chan.
by Ghost Freeman June 20, 2004
2722 2699
1) To conformists, goths, and teenagers, the name of a shitty reality TV show.

2) The name of a character who watched the activities of all the citizen in George Orwell's book, 1984.

3) The phrase given to anything that violates one's privacy, read Patriot Act.
1) Big Brother is a load of shit.

2) Big Brother is watching you.

3) George W. Bush is Big Brother, and furthermore proof republicans should be shot.
by Ghost Freeman September 12, 2004
62 54
The first great movie trilogy ever made.
The Matrix kicks ass.
by Ghost Freeman November 15, 2003
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